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Sienna on the Square with Camila 2

Sienna on the Square with Camila Kauer Garcia

Market SquareMirroring the Italian Piazza with Sienna

The Italian piazza is famous for bringing people together.  It combines the traditional safety and logistical aspects of a town square, protecting pedestrians from motor vehicles, with the comfort and refinement of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues surrounding the square.  The Piazza itself can make a beautiful atmosphere where one can enjoy a great meal, which to me conjures images of the great side walk cafes of France or Britain.

Unfortunately, I’m not currently in the great cities of Paris or London, but Pittsburgh happens to have its own wonderful piazza in the form of Market Square.  The entire piazza was redesigned and redeveloped in 2009 after years of neglect and now is flurry of activity throughout the year, hosting farmers markets, concerts, and even a pop-up holiday market in the German style.  And of course, the entire square is encircled by great restaurant concepts like the one our featured reviewer Camila and I visited, Sienna on the Square.

Sienna on the Square with Camila


As I mentioned in the introduction, a piazza is the perfect backdrop to a restaurant, especially an Italian restaurant where the fit is both cultural and atmospheric.  Sienna is perfectly positioned on the corner of the square, with enough seclusion and distance from the main activity of the square as to no experience sensory overload but with the full view of the plaza as to enjoy people watching and other visual spectacle.  Sienna made use of what was already right in front of it to create a great experience, and they were rewarded for this move by our feelings of good will from the moment we sat down.


Sienna on the Square with Camila

I rarely do a shout out to the name of our server at a restaurant, mostly for the reason that very rarely am I so blown away by the standard of service set that I even remember the name.  This time is different.  Our server Anthony was funny, knowledgeable, professional, yet approachable.  He was able to fluidly bring and remove dishes while seamlessly conversing with either one of us and not miss a beat.  This is a hospitalitarian who knew his job inside and out and loved every moment of it.  Anthony’s service was a conversation with us, a dialogue that we both benefited from and left one of the most positive impressions in my mind of a server ever.  There was a small issue with a plate that was brought to us with bacon on it (Camila is a vegetarian) but other than that I was utterly delighted.


QualitySienna on the Square with Camila

The quality of the food at an Italian restaurant can be very uninspired, especially since it is my opinion that many Italian restaurants in the United States are a dime a dozen.  While Sienna wasn’t something completely original or mind-opening, it was a solid menu with some great choices.Sienna on the Square with Camila

There was a delicious bread and butter provision (the butter had a creamy tomato and spice flavor) and I enjoyed my gnocchi with asparagus, pancetta, and creamy corn sauce very much.  The stuffed meatball was also very good and something I would go back to have again.  But I wasn’t dazzled by anything.  The fact that everything is made “fresh and in-house” shouldn’t be the bar to reach; that should be the standard.  Nevertheless, Sienna still has one of the best Italian menu’s in the city, and the seasonality of the menu keeps things fresh and interesting.

Sienna on the Square with Camila


Again, the value for what we received was adequate but also not shocking.  If your standard is 60-70 dollars a meal for drinks, appetizers, and entrees, then you won’t bat an eye after dining at Sienna.




Sienna’s rating in my opinion relied slightly more on the service and the atmosphere than the food, drink, and overall value.  The food was good, but if I’m going to return, I am coming back for the service of Anthony (and hopefully anyone else who works there) and the feelings of relaxation which come from the piazza of Market Square.

Camila’s Take

Best part of the experience?

I felt like I was in Europe.  I loved enjoying every bite of my food, with great company, and everything from the aesthetics of my food to the atmosphere around Market Square was great.Sienna on the Square with Camila

What needs the most improvement?

The only thing perhaps was that the vendor didn’t remember I was a vegetarian after we had joked about it and brought out my salad with bacon on it.  So although I should have paid more attention to the special description, to improve as a server, he could remember the small details like having a customer who can’t eat meat.  That way mistakes are kept at a minimum and his careful attention would have been noticed.

What kind of place is this (who would you bring here, for what purpose, etc.)?

This place is definitely fine dining.  I would come here for a romantic date, to reunite with a friend and make it special, or come with a loved one.

Describe your meal for us.Sienna on the Square with Camila

I had vegetarian pasta with carrots.  I though it would be such an odd combination, but it was one of the most unique pasta dishes I ever had!  It was fantastic!

Camila is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh who hopes to learn as much as she can in the business school.  Once she graduates, Camila wants to work in the nonprofit sector to make this world a better place…one delicious meal at a time of course!

Sienna on the Square is an ode to classic Italy with seasonal dishes, an extensive wine list, great for pairings, and located in the scenic Market Square area of Downtown Pittsburgh.  You can check out their menu and make reservations here: http://www.siennaonthesquare.com/


Girosole with Lilly and Marialice

Girasole with Lilly Mansmann and Marialice Skabardonis

Italian Intimacy on Copeland Street

An Italian restaurant can take on a wide variety of identities: it can be relaxing and comforting, wild and zesty, or maybe a refined and modern elegance.  Any way you experience it, the food of an Italian restaurant should nevertheless be relatively consistent, with strong flavors and a slew of comforting favorites, from pastas and pizzas to roasted meats and vegetables.  In the case of this review, the atmosphere took on a cozy, quaint feel, which definitely matched the surrounding neighborhood of Shadyside’s Walnut Street.  The food matched too, and with a few exceptions was quite spectacular.  So without further ado, here is Girasole with Lilly Mansmann and Marialice Skabardonis.

AtmosphereGirosole with Lilly and Marialice

The initial atmosphere was a lot more hectic than I initially expected when looking from the outside.  As you enter the space, your close proximity to other diners and the compact space creates a lot of noise and makes it difficult to have a good conversation with your guests.  Once the lunch crowd cleared out, the atmosphere became much more enjoyable.  The brushed copper tables and sunflower décor created a modern Italian look that’s warm and lively, even beneath the relativelyGirosole with Lilly and Marialice dark lighting.


The service was a bit off.  I believe our server was new, but she did her job.  The service was only a tad slow and a bit impersonal.


Before I get to the main meal…IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A NICE RESTAURANT, DO NOT USE STORE BOUGHT BREAD AND BUTTER!  This is one of my biggest pet peeves: if a restaurant is even going to serve bread and butter, it should be made in-house like everything else.  When we were served a store-bought loaf and pre-packaged butter, needless to say I was a little disappointed.Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

However, most everything else was exceptional.  The spinach and ricotta ravioli was flavorful and paired well with my house wine.  I also sampled the potato gnocchi and was impressed with the light and airy nature of the mozzarella.


My portion of ravioli was somewhat small, so for the price I’m not sure the value was there.




I think in many ways this is a very good Italian restaurant, and I would be interested to see how dinner at Girosole would play out.  Lunch was pretty good, although in some ways things could have gone better.

Lilly’s TakePotato Gnocchi

My favorite part was the location and delicious food!  It’s my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh!    The server wasn’t the best.  She definitely gave us leftover bread and was slow.  It was the middle of the afternoon and not very busy.  I think she must have been new.  Overall, it’s a nice place!  I would go with a family, on a date, or for a celebration.  It’s also usually super crowded so it’s best to go in the afternoon for a late lunch during the week.

As for my meal, I had gnocchi with cream sauce.  There was mozzarella cheese in it that was melty and delicious.  It also came with a salad that was fresh and tasty.

Lilly is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh.  She plans on going on short trips and working on a farm this summer.  She will then begin searching for a job in the fall.  She loves to spend as much time outside as possible.  She loves flowers, seeing new places, and knitting.

Girasole (sunflower in Italian), blends the old and the new, with an “innovative menu, chic patrons and upbeat atmosphere.”  To look at the menu and some wonderful photos (including the owner, who is featured above this post too) check out the website: http://www.733copeland.com/index.phpGirosole with Lilly and Marialice

Talia with Amanda Deitch

Talia with Amanda Deitch

Mambo Italiano in Downtown Pittsburgh

It’s amazing what you discover when you’re just walking around without a plan or any direction.  I had intended to meet a good friend downtown for dinner, but we really couldn’t decide on anywhere to go.  I decided to get down there a little early and just started to walk around, strolling around the Union Trust Building with its beautiful Flemish-gothic architecture and sitting patiently in the quiet plaza of Mellon Square.  Indeed, I was surrounded by restaurants, and I was looking for something modern but not stuffy and expensive.  I finally settled on a restaurant in the old Alcoa Building, one that I had my eye on for some time as it was being constructed but that I never had the opportunity to experience until now.  And so with this discovery that Talia Cucina & Rosticceria had opened and fit my criteria, my good friend Amanda and I decided to check out this sleek new establishment.  Of course, the discovery paid off handsomely.

Talia with Amanda DeitchAtmosphere

The atmosphere of Talia was very dark and very loud and differed significantly from what I would normally be comfortable with.  However, I understood the modern style and essence Talia was trying to convey, and after my eyes adjusted to the light and the din subsided as people left, the atmosphere became quite enjoyable.  I particularly enjoyed looking at the interesting fixtures and art pieces around the room, including jarred oranges and twinkling lights of all different sizes above the bar.

Talia with Amanda DeitchService

Talia had some of the best service I have ever received in Pittsburgh.  Definitely a grandiose statement but any uneasiness about the atmosphere was put to rest by our server, Ben.  He was funny, personable, caring, and knowledgeable in all aspects necessary, a perfect ribbon to tie our entire experience together.  That is, after all, the point of great service: to facilitate all other aspects of the dining experience.  This Ben did with grace and precision of an experienced and authentic waiter.

QualityTalia with Amanda Deitch

The quality in so many ways was fresh, unique, and artfully crafted.  The latter is definitely the case with the roasted octopus, displayed in whole tentacles with a spicy and tangy sauce spraying out on the plate like ink.  Another fantastic menu item was the fresh bread with a selection of butters, including one with mascarpone that just blew me away.  I ordered a pork chop for my entrée, and it was exquisitely cooked and easy to detect the freshness of the meat.  Finally, we shared a Torta Della Nonna, a cheesecake-esque Italian dessert with citrus, candied hazelnuts, and honeycomb.  Needless to say, I was over the moon about it.

Talia with Amanda DeitchPrice

I think for what we paid for, the value was fairly good.  My pork chop was a little pricy, but it did satisfy my appetite and each bite was truly enjoyable.




I’ll definitely be coming back again soon, if only in an attempt to replicate the fantastic service we had and the delicious meal we shared.

Amanda’s Take

The best part of my experience was definitely our awesome server, and of course the company too!  Turning down the sound system would do wonders!  Everyone was yelling the entire time, which does not help with hearing your company at all.Talia with Amanda Deitch

As for the type of venue, I would bring friends or someone special, but not kids.  It’s definitely an acquired experience so anyone over 21 would be perfect.  For my meal, being over 21, I had to order a drink, and chose the lovely Amari.  I would have preferred wine honestly, but completely due to personal preference.  I tried octopus for the first time!  It was good but a bit dry…maybe it is supposed to be that way?  The Ricotta Gnocchi was my main course choice.  I’m not a tomato fan but it was wonderful.  Besides, there is no rule that you have to eat the tomatoes!  Samson and I split the Torta Della Nonna and out of the citrus, honeycomb, and candied hazelnuts, the honeycomb complimented it the best.

Talia with Amanda DeitchTalia Cucina & Rosticceria is a modern Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, serving up fresh food and inspired cocktails in the old Alcoa Building.  Find some incredible pictures of their stunning cuisine here http://www.taliapgh.com/social/ and make a reservation here http://www.taliapgh.com/home-1/




Piada Italian Street Food with Lydia Grubic

Hospitality comes in many forms: it can be surprising and nuanced, or routine and masterful.  Any new venture has the potential to live up to these expectations and create a wonderful experience for its guests, even in the most unfamiliar places.  So when I heard that I had been selected as a VIP for the grand opening of Piada in Oakland, I didn’t know what to expect, other than to be blown away.  That’s the job of any restaurant’s opening: to create such an experience, as described above, that guests keep coming back over and over again.  Lydia, my partner in crime for this experience, can attest to that much as she joined me for the Chipotle of Italian cuisine!

Atmosphere: The atmosphere was lively and fun, full of modern fixtures like sleek, simple wooden tables and gorgeous black and white photographs doting the walls.  There was some soft rock/pop music in the air, which frankly ruined the vibe for me a little bit.  However, there was still a lot of energy in the room, which you don’t find that often in a fast-causal restaurant.

Service: The staff on the line were incredibly friendly, putting on their best smiles for the grand opening.  The chefs and other attendants who visited us at our table, dropping off little samples of everything on the menu, were less sincere but I’m more inclined to forgive that, considering how busy everyone was. 

Quality:  The quality of the food is definitely a step above an ordinary fast-casual restaurant like Chipotle or Five Guys.  My piada, the Diavolo, was warm and fresh, slightly spicy but it had a great crunch and a distinguished combination of eating a steak and a Caesar salad.  We were also treated to free Italian soda (sweet and bubbly), piada sticks, stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, and creamy parmesan dressing (as good as they sound), both tomato soup and lobster bisque (the lobster was significantly tastier), and finally a cannoli chip (tossed in powdered sugar and served with a delicious chocolate chip cream cheese icing).  All of it was amazing and had me coming back several times throughout the month for more!

Price:  Because I was a VIP, everything was free.  However, on a normal day, you can expect to pay slightly more than Chipotle for a very similar meal.  And the more you pile on, the more you can expect the price of your meal to creep up to potentially $20 for an appetizer, entrée, soup, drink, and dessert.

Rating: 8.0/10

Translation: Piada is superior to any other fast-casual chain (with the exception of Shake Shack, in my humble opinion) and certainly the best in the Pittsburgh area.

Lydia’s Take: The service was great; everyone was super friendly and helpful.  We were even greeted by the general manager, who came to our table to personally thank us for coming.  As for improvement, everything was just way too salty.  From the steak to the bread, it seems as if they added extra salt to everything.  Piada is perfect for a casual catch-up with friends or a low-key first date.  As for my meal, in particular, the combination of flavors in the fall steak avocado piada was great, and everything was cooked really well too.  I also really liked the soda, and the fountain that they have for dispensing it is really cool.

Lydia is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in neuroscience and minoring in chemistry.  She lives just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Piada is a small regional Italian fast-casual chain serving up fresh pasta, salads, and of course, piadas on the go.  Check out their website to see the menu and get the full story: https://mypiada.com/


Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvester

Sienna Mercato – Emporio with Jill Sylvester

Sienna Mercato is a restaurant with three distinct offerings for its guests: a meatball and Italian-inspired restaurant on the ground floor called Emporio, a wine and charcuterie restaurant on the second floor entitled Mezzo, and a roof top beer garden on the third floor aptly named Il Tetto (“roof” in Italian).  For Pittsburgh, the concept of three distinct restaurants under one name is unique and really fascinating; these restaurants operate as separate entities, yet they synergize in a way that shares costs and increases interest for patrons interested in different flavors.  One weekend you could be having a meatball sandwich on the ground floor, and the next weekend you could enjoy a cold one on the roof.  I’ll definitely be returning to sample the other two restaurants at some point, but my first experience was at Emporio, and I was invited along by a very special guest visiting all the way from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jill Sylvester!

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere of Emporio is much more casual than the other restaurants in Sienna Mercato.  The brick walls, metal furniture, and simple lighting give the impression of a tap room, while all the flat screen TV’s and the general buzz of the establishment spoke more to a sports bar atmosphere.  Either way, I liked what was going on, and felt at ease with the casual nature of Emporio.Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvester

Service: The service is friendly and lighthearted, working well with the casual atmSienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvesterosphere but inviting an even deeper level of comfort and ambience.  We were seated promptly, served our food expediently, and checked up on frequently, so there’s really nothing else to critique: the service was genuine and hospitable.

Quality:  For “Italian with a twist”, this place nails it on the head.  The meatball sandwich that I ordered, Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvestertopped with gouda cheese and served with a marinara dipping sauce, was very tasty.  One of the prime aspects of this place is how much customization there is; you can order different quantities of meatballs, with different toppings, sides, and sauces, so you will definitely have options no matter your preference.  There’s even a vegetarian option!  We also enjoyed a delicious poutine (with tater tots, un-be-lievable) and a plate of cheesy bread (a carbohydrate and cheese concoction  of real perfection) so although I did feel bloated by the end, I was satisfied.

Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvester

Price:  Nothing is radically overpriced, especially considering the quality of our meal and the fact that we were downtown.  You can easily get a filling meal, with a drink, for $20, and that’s something not a lot of downtown Pittsburgh restaurants can offer.

Rating: 8.3

Translation: This is an outstanding casual restaurant with a welcoming environment and a lot to offer in terms of food and service.  Extra points for customization of menu options and service.  Any improvement would be in some of the food offerings and the décor.Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvester

Jill’s Take:  The best part of Emporio’s has to be the service: we were seated earlier than we had anticipated and everyone, from the bartender to our server, was easy to converse with and extremely nice.  The poutine was also spot on.   The aspects that needed the most improvement included a lot of the food options:  the pork Bolognese was too sweet, there were not enough cheese options available, and there was way too much parmesan cheese on many of the dishes.  This is definitely either a more sophisticated sports bar or a dressed down Italian restaurant, great for either starting your “night out on the town”, or a casual evening with friends.  Either way, the loose environment means you definitely won’t lose no matter when you go.Sienna Mercato - Emorio with Jill Sylvester

Jill is a Senior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst studying Political Science, Spanish, Modern European Studies, and International Education.  We both studied abroad together in London, England, and her passions for international higher education and study abroad has led her to intern for CAPA The Global Education Network for the Office of the President.  Way to go Jill!

Sienna Mercato is a dining concept with three distinct restaurants all under one roof!  This is “Italian with a twist” and a scratch kitchen to match, so visit their website for reservation information or to see the entire, extravagant menu: http://www.siennamercato.com/


Alexander's Italian Bistro

Alexander’s Italian Bistro with Mike Grott

Alexander’s Italian Bistro with Mike Grott

Italian food at its best should make you feel like you’re in your grandmother’s house: you feel the warmth of friends and family around you, there is a distinct smell of garlic and oregano in the air, and a fine Italian wine is a must at the table.  One definitely gets these feelings, smells, and staples at Alexander’s Italian Bistro, a pleasant and rustic little brasserie in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, Bloomfield.  I had the pleasure of joining the Pathfinder Dining Club on their rendezvous to this adorable little spot, and our featured reviewer will be the founder of the club himself, Mike Grott!

Atmosphere: If anyone remembers the Italian restaurant from the movie “The Master of Disguise”, you will get the impression of what this place looks like.  It has an almost whimsical feel, very old fashioned in décor and furniture but with a genuine Italian musk and look to the whole establishment.Alexander's Italian Bistro

Service: While the service was nice enough, it seemed almost tired and a little insincere at times, as though we may have been an imposition.  Granted, we did have a large party, but not so large and so disorderly that we deserved insincerity in our service.

Quality: Overall, this was not my favorite Italian meal, but there were some noticeable winners on the menu.  The pesto flatbread was absolutely fantastic, and the combination of pesto, artichokes, and goat cheese created a really nice flavor with each bite.  I also enjoyed my wild mushroom ravioli, although it was very dense and I only got through a few bites of the dish.  On the other hand, the complimentary bread was quite dissatisfying (the butter was cold, one of my biggest pet peeves), and the bruschetta wasn’t that tasty either.

Price: For the quality, I’m not sure if I was completely satisfied with the price.  I paid $18 for my pasta alone, a little pricey for what I would still consider average pasta.Alexander's Italian Bistro

Rating: 6.5/10

Translation: By any means not my favorite Italian restaurant.  However, there is something endearing about Alexander’s, like I was in a strange museum of fixtures and food that also felt so familiar.Alexander's Italian Bistro

Mike’s Take: While the bread was maybe the most disappointing part of our meal, as it was cold and definitely not homemade, all the other food was really good.  There was a distinct and near perfect balance between sauces and spices, especially in my Mafalda Alexander, where the al dente pasta, spicy sausage and mix of Alfredo and marinara sauces worked together in a superbly delicious plate.  Finally, Alexander’s is definitely a place with lots of flexibility in who you’re going to bring with you: the space works well for family, a date, or a casual outing with friends (of course!)Alexander's Italian Bistro

Mike is a Junior Economics and Accounting Major at the University of Pittsburgh.  While he’s originally from Irwin, Pennsylvania, he’s currently studying in London, England!

Alexander’s Italian Bistro is a family run restaurant in the heart of Little Italy, serving fresh soups, desserts, and create your own pasta dishes.  You can find Alexander’s menu and other information on their website: http://www.alexandersitalianbistro.com/aboutus.html


DiAnoia's Eatery with Brittany Schultz

DiAnoia’s Eatery with Brittany Schultz

What’s really great about going to a restaurant that’s brand new is that generally one receives an elevated level of customer service, in order to make sure that the restaurant is putting their best foo(“d” or “t”) forward.  What’s even better is if that restaurant is Italian and as someone who knows their home-style Italian cooking, a new Italian restaurant means fresh, flavorful food that will make you want to come back over and over again.  I believe DiAnoia’s Eatery in the Strip District of Pittsburgh accomplishes that goal to a high degree, and I will be looking forward to returning again!  I was fortunate enough to be invited to DiAnoia’s with one of my best friends Brittany Schultz, along with her some of her other friends and family, for a classic Italian meal.Interior of DiAnoia'sInterior of DiAnoia'sInterior of DiAnoia'sInterior of DiAnoia's

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere, while not quite screaming traditional Italian, was artsy and modern and definitely had Italian inspiration.  The light fixtures were random but it worked for me and I absolutely loved our table: a solid piece of wood straight from the trunk of a tree but smoothed and polished until it became shiny and servable.  In addition, there wasn’t so much noise that we couldn’t hear each other, a problem at many traditional Italian restaurants (of which I am a contributor, you know us noisy Italians…)

Service: The service was incredibly, if not overly, friendly, maybe because this was one of the opening days of the restaurant.  However, if the level of service we received sticks long after that opening, then DiAnoia’s has a recipe for hospitality success.  We were personally thanked by the owner and executive chef, and our server was quite knowledgeable about everything we ordered (and believe me, we ordered a lot!)

Quality: The quality of everything was definitely above average, although not everything was superb.  The appetizers we ordered were ordinary, as was the table wine for the everyone.  However, the bread came out very warm (seemingly a lost but necessary art at many established eateries), and my Cinghiale (fricelli pasta in a red sauce with wild boar shreddings) was outstanding and the sauce was very rich.
The dessert platter was visually appealing, although the individual pasteries were hit or miss on the taste factor.Linguini and wine at DiAnoia'sCinghiale at DiAnoia's

Price: This restaurant has a price point for anyone looking to eat out, and while one could go super extravagant at DiAnoia’s, it’s also very possible to have a very tasty meal on a budget (especially if you don’t do a pricy bottle of wine.)Dessert at DiAnoia's

Rating: 8.2/10

Translation: This is a lovely spot for a not so traditional but more adventurous Italian experience.  I would definitely love to return at some point, especially to see how the owners are doing (there’s a very interesting story as to how the restaurant came into existance: http://www.post-gazette.com/life/dining/2016/11/01/Strip-District-welcomes-new-restaurant-DiAnoia-s-Eatery/stories/201611010022)

Brittany’s Take:  The overall flow of the restaurant was the best aspect.  Everything about the atmosphere and the ambience just raised the caliber of DiAnoia’s and made it seem like a real fancy restaurant without all the effort.  The one thing that took away from this place was the lack of traditional Italian elements, particularly the missing, sharable antipasti plates.  Overall, this is a great place for more intimate occasions, where you know everyone at your table and you can be yourself.

Chelsea Pacella’s Take: The ambiance makes me thing of fresh, farm raised, organic food.  The bright colors, white walls and lots of square doors and window with black trim are not the trappings of a traditional Italian restaurant (or the garage door walls for that matter).  The meal itself was absolutely 10/10, but I would never want to eat it next to garage doors.

Brittany Schultz is a Senior Marketing and Business Information Systems Major with a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is originally from Limerick, PA.

DiAnoia’s Eatery is a new Italian bistro and deli that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in addition to coffee, pastries, and specialty cocktails and wines.  This place literally does it all so check out their website and make a reservation today:  www.dianoiaseatery.com