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Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins

Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins

Sentenced to Burgatory?  Not a Bad Deal

Where to burger lovers and birthday boys go to spend the remainder of their days?  In the case of yours truly, Burgatory is the only hamburger/eternal-resting-place-themed restaurant I would choose.  Maybe not for the rest of time, but definitely for a relaxed evening celebrating my birthday!  With several locations in the Pittsburgh area but the extreme popularity of the local chain, Burgatory can be difficult to get into even on a weekday (I have indeed waited up to an hour and a half for entrance through the meaty gates.  However, after calling their Northshore property and ensuring they had a table for us on a Friday evening, I made my way to Burgatory, along with Mark Pavic, Mira Patel, and Jeremy Hopkins, who also happens to be the featured reviewer for this installment of Famished with Friends.Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins


The atmosphere of Burgatory plays with the idea of a “burger-afterlife” in ways that I just love.  From wall-sized paintings of devil-horned steers to just the lighting and colors used (dark reds and blacks, with “spotlights” highlighting each table, the curators of each space didn’t just gloss over the restaurant’s name.  They embraced it.

It can get quite rowdy at times, especially when the place is completely full.  Fortunately, our Northshore location was very spacious, and we didn’t really run into any noise or hBurgatory with Jeremy Hopkinsearing problems.Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins


The service was good, in that every one of our needs was taken care of expediently and without issue.  I even thought we were being a little too needy at times (it was my birthday after all), but if our waitress had any issue, she did not let it impact her impeccable aptitude for making sure we were taken care of.

QualityBurgatory with Jeremy Hopkins

The food at Burgatory is a cut above your average burger joint, especially when you consider their inspiring additions like spiked milkshakes and specially-seasoned fries and potato chips.  I think their crème-de-la-crème for unique food offerings has to be their “Build Your Own Burger” menu, which offers such unique toppings as chimichurri aioli, wild mushroom and black truffle mayo, and candied bacon.  My elk burger in particular was well seasoned and cooked to my liking, so I really couldn’t ask for that much more.Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins


The price is competitive with more fine dining establishments but still in reach for a college student looking for a night out.  Fifteen dollars for a burger isn’t too bad for a special occasion, but be warned: adding appetizers, drinks (maybe not including a spiked milkshake…), sides and a dessert will make Burgatory feel like Hell for your wallet.Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins




For any flaws that Burgatory has, they shall be forgiven in the afterlife.  This is a quality and competent restaurant with a lot to offer that’s fresh and fun for guests.

Jeremy’s Take

Best part of the experience?Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins

The customer service was definitely the best part.  The waitress was incredibly kind despite the fact that we were a younger group (that doesn’t happen very often).

What needs the most improvement?

While there were TV’s around the restaurant, I feel as if they could be placed in better locations so I don’t have to turn my head awkwardly to see them.

What kind of place is this (who would you bring here, for what purpose, etc.)?

I would describe this as a happy medium between a sports bar and a gastro pub.  It’s a nice place to go with friends for an occasion.

Describe your meal for us.Burgatory with Jeremy Hopkins

My meal was a beef burger cooked with “no pink”.  I got a lot of vegetation on it as well as sharp provolone cheese that accented the burger rather well.  Sauces as well as the bacon I got served well in topping it off to make it an overall incredible burger.

Jeremy is a rising Sophomore from outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, pursing a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.  Jeremy loves to travel to different restaurants and try different things, but the first time he goes to a place, he always gets the burger.  He’s trying to find the best one he can.

Burgatory is a local, upscale burger and milkshake restaurant which sources local and fresh from the Allegheny County area. Check out their website and menu here: http://www.burgatorybar.com/




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